Corona virus: Secunderabad cantonment board starts cleanliness drive at Mahendra Hills

By Dheeshma Puzhakkal  Published on  3 March 2020 4:54 PM GMT
Corona virus: Secunderabad cantonment board starts cleanliness drive at Mahendra Hills

Hyderabad: The Secunderabad cantonment board has initiated a cleanliness and hygiene drive at Mahendra Hills where the first case of Corona virus in Telangana was reported. Resident associations in the area had earlier complained about the Telangana government's lack of attention to the epicentre of the virus. On Tuesday afternoon the cantonment staff sprayed bleaching powder near the house of the patient and the neighbourhood.

Rama Krishna, vice-president of the Secunderabad cantonment board, told NewsMeter, “We are planning to hold a meeting of the colony residents to explain safety measures. The cantonment board has requested all residents to clean up the area and maintain hygiene. We have started distribution of masks to the residents of Mahendra Hills.”

Meanwhile, criticising the Telangana government’s negligence in supporting the people of Mahendra Hills, Satish Gupta, a social activist said, "It's the first Corona virus case in Telangana. Why has the state government not sent any special team to help the residents of Mahendra Hills? Is it because the cantonment falls under Defence control? All national and state media are highlighting the Corona virus situation in Hyderabad but why are they not saying that it's in Mahendra Hills."

He said, "I demand the state government be involved in dealing with the outbreak and send special teams to help cantonment authorities ensure that there are no more Corona virus cases."

Regarding the cleaning measures that need to be taken in Mahendra Hilla, a senior doctor from Telangana government doctors association (TGGDA) told NewsMeter, “Bleach is similar to a strong alkali sanitiser. Any droplets of the virus in the area will definitely die if you spray bleach near the surrounding areas. According to the World Health Organisation even simple soap and water will help you prevent Corona virus.”

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