Coronavirus: Four more new cases suspected in Hyderabad

By Coreena Suares  Published on  31 Jan 2020 5:01 PM GMT
Coronavirus: Four more new cases suspected in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Telangana state health department which is monitoring the possible outbreak of Coronavirus in the state on Friday received four new suspected cases in Hyderabad. All have been kept under observation at Fever Hospital, and six new samples, besides the 11, have been sent to NIV Pune for testing.

Meanwhile, the nCoV testing kits arrived in the city on Friday after the state urged the Centre for the same. Officials are likely to begin testing in the next two days, a health official said.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Dr Srinivas, director of Telangana public health and family welfare, said, “The four new cases that we received on Friday were people who had recently returned from Wuhan city in China. A majority of students and businessmen have approached the control room to clear their doubts. No major symptoms have been identified in the suspected cases, however, they are being kept under observation as a precautionary measure."

The official further said, “Nine samples sent to the Pune lab have tested negative and we are awaiting results of the other three." This is excluding the samples that were sent on Friday.

The control room (040- 24651119) set up exclusively to monitor Coronavirus has been receiving an average of 10 calls a day. "Many have complained of cold, cough , running nose, and throat infection, all minor symptoms of the virus. Fever and discomfort in the lungs are major symptoms," Dr. Srinivas said.

A general advisory has been issued to people who have travelled to China recently to report themselves in case of cold , cough, and running nose. They must isolate themselves from family and friends, before informing the health officials. The state has made Fever Hospital a nodal centre where 100 beds have been made available for possible Coronavirus cases. Another 200 beds have been set up at government-run Sarojini Devi eye hospital to treat suspected cases.

Meanwhile, people returning from China will be kept under observation in Delhi. Health officer Dr. ChandraShekar manning the screening at Rajiv Gandhi International airport said, “A robust arrangement, including isolated wards, has been made in Delhi. On arrival, people will be taken to the specialized wards for observation and will not be allowed to return until they are tested nCoV negative."

Wuhan is the Chinese city where the deadly virus is said to have originated.

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