Coronavirus: Megastar releases new video to create awareness among people

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 March 2020 2:04 PM GMT
Coronavirus: Megastar releases new video to create awareness among people

Hyderabad: COVID-19 has created chaos and panic around the world. While everything is under lockdown, celebrities are not leaving any stone unturned in creating awareness and easing the panic. Amitabh Bachchan recited a poem on how to stay safe in these trying times. Priyanka Chopra advocated folding hands instead of shaking hands and Ram Charan and Junior NTR released a video to create awareness among people about the novel Coronavirus. Now, Mega Star Chiranjeevi has released a video appealing to the public to stay calm and follow the dos and don’ts.

“One shouldn’t dread that something will happen to them. At the same time, one shouldn’t be careless thinking nothing will happen to them. Both the attitudes will land one in trouble," he says in the video.

He also underlines the preventive measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. "This is the time to be careful and fight through this phase. Please stay away from social gatherings. Until the dust of Coronavirus settles down, please stay at home. Wash your hands as many times as possible for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Use a tissue paper or a handkerchief while coughing. Throw the tissue carefully into a dustbin with a lid. Don’t constantly touch your eyes, nose, lips, and face. Rush to the doctor if you have a fever, cold, and fatigue. Get yourself tested. Wear a mask if you have a cold. Ensure it doesn’t affect the people around you. If you take the above precautions, Coronavirus might not wreak havoc. It might not subside but at least it won’t aggravate," he says. Further, he asks people not to shake hands but "opt for the traditional way of joining hands and say Namaste."

The video has been doing the rounds of social media and people are praising the actor for making the video, for it is helpful in creating awareness among those who are not able to understand the magnitude of the situation.

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