Coronavirus: Rachakonda police first to conduct awareness program

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 March 2020 11:03 AM GMT
Coronavirus: Rachakonda police first to conduct awareness program

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police commissionerate in the city has become the first police unit in Telangana to sensitise its staff about Coronavirus and instruct them on the precautions to be taken while carrying out their duties.

An awareness session was organised for the staff where experts talked about the virus and the precautions to be taken while working on the field. Since Telangana started taking measures to control the virus, the police department has actively participated in the undertaking which was mainly confined to the enforcement of government orders. Though there were numerous advisories from the police department to the public on Coronavirus, safety measures, and even fake news, there was not even a word about the safety of their men.

The Rachakonda police commissioner, Mahesh Bhagwat, said the main object of the programme is to bring awareness among the men and officers. He said that those involved in traffic regulation are more prone and are exposed to more infections and sound and air pollution. As a result, there are high chances of them being affected with the virus and other disorders in their day to day life.

Washable masks manufactured at Cherlapally Central Prison are being given out to the officers and staff of Rachakonda commissionerate. Mr Bhagwat also advised the traffic staff to educate the commuters and that they get themselves checked immediately in case they show any symptoms.

Dr Mushtafa Afzal, consultant clinical microbiologist and infectious diseases, elaborately explained the Coronavirus and the precautions to be taken to prevent its spread. Further, to keep the staff updated about noise pollution, Dr D.P.K Babu and Ashray Akruthi foundation team conducted a hearing and throat disorder tests for all the staff. They also explained the precautions to be taken to prevent these disorders.

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