Hyderabad: Call it coronavirus effect, small clinics and hospitals have been closed down in Hyderabad. as patients are not turning up for treatment fearing infection.

Several small hospitals have closed their outpatient departments as sick are not turning up for treatment. Few Hospitals in Hyderabad city have been shut as there are no patients. Outpatient (OP) wards have been partially closed in some corporate hospitals. Only the important cases are being treated. Few other Hospitals are providing limited OP services.

Data reveals that there has been a drop of 90% in patients. Usually, the hospitals which used to treat 500-1000 patients are now not treating only 40-50 patients.

The inpatient department has also been hit hard. Hospitals that used to admit about 50-60 patients are now receiving one or two patients per day. Few Hospitals are providing online OP services. However, in the Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, the OP services remain open for 15 hours every day.

Since corporate hospitals in Hyderabad have designated some wards as quarantine and isolation centers, patients have stopped coming fearing infection. Even doctors and nurses are not showing up. A Hospital in the city has started motivational classes for their nurses. Few nurses have decided to give up their jobs.

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