Crime cases by ‘terrorists’ highest in Manipur, J&K and Tamil Nadu: NCRB report

By Dheeshma  Published on  31 Oct 2019 7:41 AM GMT
Crime cases by ‘terrorists’ highest in Manipur, J&K and Tamil Nadu: NCRB report

Hyderabad: According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, 2017, the states of Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu top in crime cases by ‘terrorists.’ Of the 377 total crimes committed by terrorists, as many as 199 crimes recorded in Manipur followed by Jammu and Kashmir (169) and Tamil Nadu (2). According to the report, as many as 185 cases were booked under the Unlawful Activities Act (UAPA) in Manipur and 40 cases in Kashmir.

State/UTTotal Crimes Committed by Terrorists
Jammu & Kashmir169
Tamil Nadu2

It is for the first time that the NCRB which publishes crime data in the country has introduced a new chapter on – ‘Crimes by anti-national elements’ in its report.

Who are ‘anti-national elements’?

The report breaks down anti-nationals into ‘Terrorists (including Jihadi Terrorists), Naxalites/Left Wing Extremism (LWE), and North-East Insurgents. However, it has not defined who a terrorist, Jihadi Terrorist, Naxalite and an insurgent is. Interestingly, the report has included “jihadi terrorists” within the data for “terrorists” and has not given it separately.

Meanwhile, the NCRB report, which is released after an unexplained delay of two years has omitted data about mob lynchings, murders committed for religious reasons, killings ordered by Khap panchayats and murders by influential people.

Crime cases reported by Naxalites/LWEs

Chhattisgarh has the highest record of crimes committed by Naxalites/ Left Wing Extremism (LWEs) with a total of 492 crimes. Manipur has the second-highest number of crimes committed by Naxalites/LWEs.

State/UTTotal Crimes Committed by Naxalites/LWEs

However, as per the report, in 2017, as many as 11 ‘Jihadi’ terrorists, 961 Naxalites/LWEs, and 12 ‘other’ terrorists were arrested. Of these, about 265 were women and a total of 300 were Naxalites/LWEs.

The NCRB report also covered the number of arms snatched from the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and police. Pistols taken were 1,154 and topped the list. It is followed by ‘other firearms’ as many as 252, and ‘guns’ as many as 225.

In the case of 'North-east Insurgents', Manipur tops the list with 317 crimes committed. The state is followed by Assam and Nagaland, though by a relatively lower margin of 26 crimes, and closely trailed by Arunachal Pradesh (20 crimes).

State/UTTotal Crimes Committed by North East Insurgents
Assam & Nagaland26
Arunachal Pradesh20

Literature tops in most recovered items

According to the NCRB report, literature is the most recovered item from ‘anti-national elements.’ The total quantity of literature recovered was 242, second to the ‘others’ – an unidentified category of items.

Mobile phones are another most recovered item in the year 2017. Police and CRPF retrieved 222 sets in that year.

The report also says that the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF)/police recovered 1.26 crore in cash and 12 kg of drugs from the listed sub-groups.

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