Hyderabad: Cyberabad police investigating the alleged gang-rape and brutal murder of city veterinarian Disha (name changed) reached a breakthrough on Friday.

The investigators have arrested four persons, including the driver of a truck identified as Mohammed Areef, another driver  Jollu Naveen and two cleaners Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu and Jollu Shiva, for their alleged involvement in the heinous crime. They are questioning them about sequence right from the time they trapped her. The truck (TS 07 UA 3335) belongs to Srinivas Reddy from Rajendranagar for whom Mohammed Areef had been working for the past few months.

Areef belongs to Jaklair village of Makthal Mandal in Narayanpet district, while the other three belong to Shamshabad and surrounding areas.
Areef’s mother told that he had come home on Wednesday night and left immediately. He did not speak much to her.

It is learnt that when she (referring Disha)  came to collect her bike while returning home from Gachibowli, they sensed an opportunity to take advantage of her loneliness and the late dark hour near the toll plaza at Tondupally.

After discussing among themselves for a while, they approached her offering help. However, they did not expect that she would fall for their trap so easily. They immediately took her scooter for repair. Later they dragged her into the open plot beside the road, sexually assaulted her and killed her by strangulation.

As the area was isolated, they parked the truck in such a way that any vehicle passing that way, at the hour, could not see them commit the sordid crime.

After killing her they dumped her body and the scooter in the truck and drove towards Chatanpally, where they set the body on fire and went to their respective homes.

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One comment on "Cyberabad Police arrest four for rape, murder of Hyd vet doctor"

  • Unfortunately the media and Films/TV Serials glorifying bad characters. If this is acted by a hero, they thow more in that line. If extremely bads fellow turns good fellow at the end, no punishment for his past crimes. On Z-TV Chanel one serial shows four fellows rape and kill 15 girls but they are protected by powerful father/monther through using legal luminaries. Do bad things and you can escape from the clutches of the law by using influence. This boosts the morale of bad characters. On TV discussions women particuipated in discussions but they rarely questioned such films and serials. This is the bad state of affair in India. Also governments are encouraging liquor consumption and drug use — as they are freely available. For these the governments are creating necessary conditions. No women organization is questioning the government on these except sitting in TV channels discussion.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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