Cyberabad police arrests two for vulgar comments on TikTok users

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  5 Dec 2019 2:59 PM GMT
Cyberabad police arrests two for vulgar comments on TikTok users

Hyderabad: The officials of Cyberabad Cyber Crime arrested two men for posting vulgar, objectionable and derogatory comments on the Chinese video making app TikTok via fake accounts.

The accused Nimesh Chowdary (30) is a hotel supervisor and is a resident of Sai Nagar, Anantapur. The second accused Aravind Patel (21) is a resident of Devi Nagar, Metpally in Kareem Nagar of Telangana.

The Cyber Crime officials received a complaint from Mr Janardhan Devalla, a resident of KPHB, Hyderabad on November 6. The latter stated that Nimesh Chowdary has been abusing him and his friends using vulgar, objectionable and derogatory language via TikTok.

WhatsApp groups going by the names ‘Lover boy’ and ‘Nimesh Chowdary brothers’ were created by Nimesh and his friends to identify and target particular individuals. Once the groups find their target, the members would abuse the individual using vulgar comments. Aravind was the admin of the WhatsApp groups, which had several members.

The discussion in the WhatsApp group was about choosing particular individuals for the members to abuse and harass. They believed that this would help them get name and fame in society, one way or the other.

Following the harassment, Janardhan requested police to take legal action against the two for posting lewd and objectionable comments on TikTok. Based on the complaint, the Cyberabad police registered a case against Nimesh and Aravind.

The duo met each other through TikTok, wherein Aravind started following Nimesh and supported the latter’s trolling of people. Aravind also used to call and warn TikTok users who used to post comments on Nimesh’s account.

The Cyberabad Cyber Crime officials also issued an advisory for TikTok users, asking them to refrain from trolling other users with vulgar and objectionable comments to harass them mentally. If any such incident comes to the notice of Legal Enforcement Action (LEA), officials will take stern action against the perpetrators.

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