Daniel Shravan who asked women to cooperate during rape, carry condom; Booked

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  4 Dec 2019 3:10 PM GMT
Daniel Shravan who asked women to cooperate during rape, carry condom; Booked

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Cyber Crime police have registered a case against filmmaker Daniel Shravan for his insensitive comments on the brutal rape and murder of the Hyderabad vet, and women in general. Police registered the case following a large number of people reporting his tweets and Facebook posts normalising rape culture.

A filmmaker by profession, Daniel slammed society and women organisations as the main reasons for making the rapists’ mindset “evil”. He went on to say that if courts and governments excused rape, then rapists won’t murder their victims. He blamed society and women organisations for the cruel death of the Hyderabad vet and not the rapists who committed the heinous crime.

He noted that the only way to control rape is to legalise “rapes without violence”. His posts claim that rapists will begin to fear society or courts and will leave the victims alive if the latter doesn’t shout or try to object their attacker.

According to Daniel, rapists want to fulfil their sexual desires irrespective of their gender, based on the particular time of the incident. His logic dictates that rapists may not be cruel enough to kill their victim if society, court and women organisations ignore them.

His primary argument seems to be that the government should give a free pass to rapists if they don’t kill their victim, or propose a “rape without violence” law for anyone above 18. It seems expected from a post that starts with “rape is not serious, but murder is inexcusable”.

Daniel says that girls should not deny rape or anyone assaulting them to prevent death. Making an absurd point, he wrote, “It is foolish to think that killing Veerappan will control smuggling or killing Laden will stop terrorism. In the same way, ‘Nirbhaya Act’ can’t control rapes with violence. However, accepting the assault will prevent death.”

The filmmaker, though, at the end of his post, makes a startlingly different point. He says, “I don’t encourage rape. However, I felt that this is the right way to save the girl’s life.”

Daniel’s beliefs about accepting rape and not reacting or provoking the rapist is a primary reason behind the current state of the country. The ideology of tolerating and not standing up against inhumane incidents such as rape encourages such crime, rather than wiping it away. It is because of such ideologies that people still think of committing what is one of the most heinous crimes ever.

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