Dead patient's kin attack hospital staff in Warangal Govt Hospital

By Ashish Bhosale  Published on  29 July 2020 6:20 AM GMT
Dead patients kin attack hospital staff in Warangal Govt Hospital

Warangal: Relatives of a deceased patient attacked a doctor and a nurse of Warangal's MGM Hospital on 28 July.

A 60-year-old patient was brought to the hospital with all the symptoms of COVID-19. However, there were no beds available and the hospital staff told the patient's relatives the same. The relatives agreed to admit the patient knowing there was no bed available, the hospital staff alleged. But the patient died within an hour after being admitted.

The angry relatives hurled an iron chair at the hospital staff and destroyed hospital property. "I was calm and tried to explain that it was not the fault of the doctors. But they were angry and they damaged hospital property. I don't understand why the public believes that government doctors are negligent," the doctor told NewsMeter on condition of anonymity.

The doctor wondered why people always blamed doctors when, in fact, they worked for the people and treated them during the pandemic. "We are working for over 12 hours in the hospital and treating COVID patients and this is what we get? We are not asking anybody to treat us as heroes but at least treat us like human beings. Is it the doctor's fault if there are no beds or oxygen? Why is the doctor always answerable? Relatives of patients come and tell us that they are taxpayers and we are obliged to provide them the services. Of course, we will serve the patients but at least don't abuse and hit us."

The Warangal police said they received a call and sent a patrol team to control the situation. No FIR has been filed.

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