COVID kills 3 from a family, Deccan Hospital holds back body over non-payment of Rs 8 lakh

By Ashish Bhosale  Published on  30 July 2020 4:58 AM GMT
COVID kills 3 from a family, Deccan Hospital holds back body over non-payment of Rs 8 lakh

Hyderabad: Humanity was shamed when Deccan Hospital allegedly refused to hand over the body of a COVID victim to his kin over non-payment of Rs 8 lakh.

On July 28, Eshwar Reddy died due to COVID at Deccan Hospital, Hyderabad. The hospital refused to hand over the body until the patient’s kin cleared the bills

“I admitted my mom and dad in Deccan Hospital on July 10. They were tested positive for Corona. The hospital demanded us to pay Rs six lakh. I was concerned about my parents and without a second thought; I got both of them admitted. My cousin had just died two days before due to COVID. I did not want to take any chance,” said Radhesh Reddy, son of Eshwar Reddy.

Both patients were discharged on July 13. The hospital told them to stay under home quarantine. The hospital charged Rs 4 lakh for 3 days.

“During this period, I was also tested positive for COVID. My father complained of breathing problems. So I had to rush him back to the same hospital,” said Radhesh.

From day one, the hospital persisted to put senior Reddy on a ventilator. “They charged me Rs 1 lakh per day. From July 16 to 28, my father was kept in ICU. The hospital charged 95,000 rupees per day. I called my dad to enquire about his health,” he said.

Radhesh said his father told him that he has urinated in the diaper and there was nobody to help him. "He asked me to call someone for help. I had actually called him to tell that my mother had just passed away and I was in the crematorium. I called the hospital multiple times. Every time, they would say they are attending to him. Till 7 PM he was not cleaned,” he said.

Later he called up his father but his phone was switched off. “I called the hospital and they said that his condition was critical and he should be put on a ventilator. We called the hospital multiple times but no one answered. Later a doctor called us saying his heart has stopped functioning and they were performing CPR. Fifteen minutes later they called us again saying he is no more,” he said.

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What came as a rude shock was when the hospital did not hand over the body asking them to clear the bills first. “The hospital said they will hand over the body only after a payment of Rs 8 lakh. The total bill amount for 13 days was Rs 17 lakh. Of which I had already paid Rs 8 lakh. Hospital wanted me to pay another Rs 8 lakh. I had no money and so I approached media. Then the hospital asked us to pay Rs 2 lakh. After paying Rs 2 lakh, the hospital released the body,” he said.

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NewsMeter tried to contact Deccan Hospital for a response, but they didn’t take the calls.

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