Hyderabad: The Cyberabad commissioner of police, V.C Sajjanar, during a webinar attended by representatives of various social media companies, said the delay by social media firms in furnishing necessary details of fraudsters was causing a delay in the police investigation.

During the webinar held on 29 September, Mr. Sajjanar discussed the cyber frauds taking place through Facebook and Instagram. He also discussed the removal of posts with political and communal content, delay in providing registration details and IP logs of fake accounts, and deletion of objectionable videos/content from Facebook and Instagram.

Besides these, various issues that the investigation officers were facing were also discussed like non-furnishing of much-needed information like registration details, IP logs, etc., which caused an abnormal delay in the investigation and gave the accused a chance to flee.

The Facebook and Instagram team responded positively and assured they would provide the necessary information needed for an investigation. It was decided to conduct joint workshops with all I.Os and FB and Instagram representatives.

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