Denied admission at Jangaon hospital, woman delivers baby behind bushes

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 July 2020 1:22 PM GMT
Denied admission at Jangaon hospital, woman delivers baby behind bushes

Hyderabad: A woman delivered her baby in the bushes outside a government hospital after she was denied admission into the hospital in Jangaon district in Telangana on 19 July. She was later shifted to the hospital after she gave birth to a son.

Shaik Bee, a resident of Marredpally village in the district, was taken to the government hospital in Jangaon after she developed a pain. However, when the hospital staff found out that this was her fourth pregnancy they refused to deliver the baby. They asked the family to take her to Warangal.

“We are familiar with this place. We had no idea how to take her to Warangal in this condition. They gave us a slip of paper referring her to Warangal and left us. There was not even an ambulance to take her there,” said Fathima Bee, the woman's mother.

Hussain, the woman's husband, went out to arrange for some mode of transport to take his wife to Warangal. Meanwhile, Shaik Bee and Fathima sat down at a bus stop by the roadside. Shaik's pains grew severe and she even fainted a couple of times. When the pain became unbearable, she went into the bushes behind the bus shelter and delivered her son.

Fathima told reporters that Shaik Bee held the child in her hands and did not allow him to fall. Hearing their cries she went to check and found the mother and child in a pool of blood. Hussain rushed to the hospital and informed the staff who then shifted the woman and the baby to the hospital.

Shaik Bee has three daughters.

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