Deputy CM and Opposition Leader engage in a war of letters

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 Sep 2019 4:10 PM GMT
Deputy CM and Opposition Leader engage in a war of letters

Amaravati: With TDP President Chandrababu Naidu writing to CM Jagan Mohan Reddy alleging malpractice in the Village Secretariat examinations and demanding its cancellation and re-conduct, the political atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh has become hot. All Deputy Chief Ministers have jointly given a firm counter. They alleged that TDP’s tenure was filled with corruption and nepotism.

In his letter, Chandrababu alleged that the ruling of the YSRC party is mingled with a lack of experience, nepotism, and stupidity. He added that the entire Village Secretariat examination procedure damaged the image of the state. The examinations were conducted in a terrible and corrupted manner. Chandrababu claimed that the uselessness of the government shattered the dreams of 20 lakh youngsters.

The opposition leader reiterated the allegations made in a Telugu newspaper in his letter. He told that the issue demands the resignation of the Chief Minister and asked the government to cancel the examinations and re-conduct it in a transparent procedure. He demanded to take severe action against those who resorted to malpractice by registering criminal cases.

The Deputy Chief Ministers of the state — P Subhash Chandrabose, A Nani, Pushpa Srivani, Narayana Swamy, and Anzad Basha — gave a sharp reply in their letter to the former Chief Minister. They alleged that Chandrababu, with his ‘yellow media’, is trying to malign the government’s reputation. The Deputy CMs claimed that TDP indulged in frauds in every work taken up in their regime. They accused Chandrababu of being a bigot who couldn’t handle the young Backward Classes get better positions or jobs.

The leaders of the ruling party roped in Chandrababu’s son Nara Lokesh and asked whether he could compete with those who got the best ranks in Village Secretariat examinations. They concluded by advising Chandrababu to stop mudslinging the government, which is dedicated to the welfare of all sections in the state.

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