Despite imports, onion prices still dearer

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Dec 2019 2:22 PM GMT
Despite imports, onion prices still dearer


  • Egypt onions may arrive on December 15

Hyderabad: The latest round of imports failed to bring down onion prices in Telangana, which on Saturday received 2,000 quintals of onion imports taking the total arrivals to 5,500 quintals.

Despite the huge volume of imports, onion prices are still hovering high. However, officials are hopeful of a drop in prices once the Egypt stock arrives in Mumbai on December 15.

The State Government has requested the Centre to allocate 500 metric tonnes of the 6,100 MT imported from Egypt. The government has prepared a plan of distribution, which is likely to be 100 MT of onions every week. The Egypt onions would be sold at Rythu Bazaars at Rs 40 per kg, said a senior official at Telangana Marketing Department.

The onion retail price is hovering in the Rs 160-190 a kg range. After arrivals on Saturday, the prices have eased by Rs 20. The price was over Rs 200 per kilo 2-3 days ago, said a wholesale merchant at Malakpet gunj.

Arrival of stocks from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka has declined while the recent long-spell of heavy rains have damaged onion crop, which created a shortage of onions in Telangana.

Quintal onion price at Malakpet gunj was Rs 16,000, while Maharashtra onions are at Rs 14,000 per quintal. The onion wholesale price is Rs 160 and retail price is Rs 170-190 a kg.

The Agriculture Marketing Department is expecting 8,000 quintals of onions on Monday. Thereafter, the price may slip below Rs 100 per kg, stated the official.

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