Despite lockdown, Hyderabad’s air quality is only satisfactory

By Dheeshma Puzhakkal  Published on  29 March 2020 7:02 AM GMT
Despite lockdown, Hyderabad’s air quality is only satisfactory

Hyderabad: With an emergency lockdown due to Coronavirus enforced across the country, Indian cities including Hyderabad are witnessing clearer skies since the last five days of lockdown in comparison to the previous week. However, data shows that despite the ongoing lockdown, the air quality in Hyderabad city remains to be only satisfactory. At Hyderabad US Consulate, the air quality is moderate. On Sunday, 29 Mar 07:00 am, the Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) at US Consulate was 87 which is moderate.

Meanwhile, the Zoo Park in Bahadurpura, West of Hyderabad recorded an AQI of 152 which is unhealthy. Similar is the condition of air quality in Pashamylaram. AQI at IDA Pashamylaram, Hyderabad on Sunday morning was 117 and at ICRISAT in Patancheru the AQI was 125, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

On Saturday, the average PM 2.5 AQI in Hyderabad was 100 which is categorised as moderate levels. Just a day before the Janta Curfew, Hyderabad recorded the Air Quality Index (AQI) at 102. However, on the day of the self-imposed lockdown in the city, the AQI came down to 89, which falls under the satisfactory levels.

This is despite most vehicles staying off the road, factory functions and construction activities coming to a standstill as part of the lockdown,

Meanwhile the pollution levels have dropped in the city in comparison to last month.

On 24 March, the day before the lockdown, the PM 2.5 AQI in Hyderabad was 104. However, this rate dropped down the following days. On the first day of lockdown, 25 March PM 2.5 AQI was 79, whereas the same date in March recorded 99. PM 2.5 level also dropped the following day in comparison to February. While the PM 2.5 value was 82 and 84 on 26 and 27 March it was as high as 120 and 139 in February.

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