Dial-100 can reveal location of the caller

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  25 Dec 2019 8:54 AM GMT
Dial-100 can reveal location of the caller


  • TS Police to launch upgraded software on Jan 1

Hyderabad: The significant lapse in 'Dial 100' is location identification. In many cases, police could not identify the location of the caller, most of whom were not aware of their place. It becomes more glaring during accidents when the victims fall near unconscious and can hardly speak.

Checking all these lapses, Telangana Police has upgraded the software incorporate with Dial 100. The moment they get a call, the location of the caller will appear immediately. This saves not only precious time, but also lives of the callers, said a top police official.

"What we observed is in many cases callers became unconscious and couldn't tell us from where they're calling. With the new software in place, our department will know the location, and automatically the nearest patrol teams will get alert also. So, the caller needs to dial 100 and need not tell us about the site. The test run was extremely good,” he said.

So is the case with train accidents also. Newcomers to the city even don't know about the location or when they become victims of any crime.

If first-aid treatment available in the golden hour (first hour after the accident), the chances are 90 per cent of lives can be saved, said the official.

"In cases of kidnapping and other crime incidents, we can easily identify the location and catch the criminals," remarked the official.

On an average, Dial-100 gets over 25,000 calls a day in Telangana. About 10 per cent of the calls are emergency cases. A majority of calls are made by people, who are curious about the service.

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