Dictatorship over democracy; Vijay Devarkonda sparks controversy

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Oct 2020 8:42 AM GMT
Dictatorship over democracy; Vijay Devarkonda sparks controversy


Hyderabad: Actor Vijay Devarkonda has found himself in the midst of a controversy yet again. Vijay, in an online dialogue with Anupama Chopra and Bharadwaj Ragan hosted by Film Companion, was trying to comment on Indian elections.

He went on to say that he would prefer dictatorships over democracy and that not all citizens should be allowed to vote. He went on to add that such dictators should ask people to "shut up and trust them as it would pay off 10 years down the line". The actor had also recommended that only the middle class should be allowed to vote so as to prevent the candidates from influencing the electorate with money and liquor.

The point that Vijay was trying to make about rampant corruption during elections seems to have drowned among these bizarre statements, which have been receiving a lot of flak online.

Many netizens have slammed the actor and his comments saying he was uninformed. People have also pointed out at his particularly chauvinistic brand of films and said that he has the right to protest in a democracy, if his films were to be banned. The flurry of comments on the actor and his statements continued pouring in online.

This is not the first time Vijay has been under the scanner for his words. Earlier, his profanity during audio launches and his brand launch events too caught the netizens’ attention in the wrong way.

Even during a fun interview with Film Companion, where young stars from across the country were present, he said it was okay to slap girl friends or wives as it is an action of love. It not just irked Parvathy who was present at the interview but a lot of Twitterattis who came forward to express their anger.

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