Donations received by TRS increased by 1,148% in a year: Report

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  8 May 2020 1:08 PM GMT
Donations received by TRS increased by 1,148% in a year: Report


  • , YSRCP top among regional parties with donations worth Rs. 80 crores

Hyderabad: The TRS party’s donations have increased by 1,148 per cent within a year, according to the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), an election watch body that studied the documents submitted by regional parties to the Election Commission of India.

In 2017-18, TRS had received Rs. 3.307 crores as donations, which increased to Rs. 41.275 crores in 2018-19. Telangana ranked second among all Indian states with a total of Rs. 45.227 crores received as donations by various regional parties in the state.

The other two Telugu parties, the YSRCP and TDP of Andhra Pradesh, have also recorded the highest number of donations. YSRCP ranked top among regional parties with donations of Rs. 80.575 crores received in 2018-19. This is an increase of almost 865 per cent when compared to its income of Rs. 8.35 crores in 2017-18.

Meanwhile, TDP ranked fourth among regional parties with donations worth Rs. 26.179 crores, an increase of 1,407 per cent compared to its 2017-18 income of Rs. 1.737 crores.

Delhi topped the list of states with total donations of Rs. 77.215 crores received by regional parties in the Capital.

Hefty donations from corporate companies

The YSRCP received 142 donations, out of which 43 were from corporate companies. The 25 regional parties which declared their donations to the Election Commission revealed that a total of 292 donations have come from corporate businesses amounting to a total of Rs. 188.42 crores and 3,414 individual donors donated Rs. 39.97 crores during 2018-19.

According to the amount declared by YSRCP, the corporate and business sectors donated Rs. 70.61 crore, while 78 individual donors donated Rs. 9.74 crore to the party.

It is to be noted that the Aam Aadmi Party was the only party to receive donations from foreign countries. It received Rs. 0.57 crores from 16 countries outside India.

Which corporates donated to the three Telugu parties?

The ADR data revealed that all three parties received donations from the Delhi-based Prudent Electoral Trust. The report said, “The top two highest donations were given by Prudent Electoral Trust to YSRC worth Rs. 27 crores and to the TDP worth Rs. 15 crores.”

Other corporates that gave donations to the two parties include Andru Minerals, MVV builders, Ragha Constructions, Aero Space Technologies Private Limited, and Sri Venkateswara Enterprises.

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