Dr Sudhakar should apologise, case against him must be dropped: IMA

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 May 2020 4:59 PM GMT
Dr Sudhakar should apologise, case against him must be dropped: IMA

Vishakapatnam: The Indian Medical Association has come out questioning the inhuman treatment of Andhra Pradesh doctors against Dr Sudhakar Rao who has been suspended on charges of spreading falsehoods about the government. The IMA's fact finding committee has concluded that charges against the doctors must be withdrawn and concurrently, he (referring to the doctor) must apologies.

On April 8, Dr Sudhakar was suspended on charges of spreading falsehoods about the government. He accused the state of not providing N95 face masks to medical staff treating COVID-19 patients; he also alleged doctors and nurses used the same mask for 15 days at a stretch.

Later, on 17 May several distressing videos emerged from Visakhapatnam, in which the doctor who was stripped to the waist was seen using derogatory words against Chief Minister Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy and the state police department.

Though IMA condemned the incident, the four member committee comprising of doctors has now demanded an apology from the doctor for abusing the Chief Minister.

“Dr.Sudhakar must apologies to HoGs of both Telugu speaking States immediately after certification of sound status of his mental health,” the committee report stated.

The committee also demanded the cases registered against him to be withdrawn immediately keeping in view his mental health and the proceedings of the enquiry to be expedited, The members opined that the police brutality is a sad fall out of his suspension from service, for certain comments of his at that time. The instant equity recommended his suspension.

IMA opined that comments by him are in the Public & professional interest keeping in view the CORONA situation; nothing derogatory but for insubordination clause. This could have been condoned with a reprimand by immediate superior authorities without resorting to suspension.

“The handling of the incident by Police, involving Dr.Sudhakar, CAS under suspension, a reputed doctor, is deplorable since it is indecent and against human rights. The way he was taken into custody by rope tying his hands behind and not to cover his half nakedness; putting on the floor of a private vehicle; all are against human rights, uncivilized and sore to the eyes. The physical assault meted to Dr.Sudhakar with lathi by a policeman (evidenced in Video clip) is against the rules of detention and violation of natural justice,” the committee said seeking appropriate punishment for the erring police officials.

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