Hyderabad: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a chemical-free disinfectant tower to be used in high-infection prone areas.

DRDO’s Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC) in Delhi, with the help of Age Instruments and Materials Private Limited, Gurugram, developed the ultraviolet sanitiser which can be used in offices, tech firms, and laboratories to disinfect electronic equipment, computers, and other electronic gadgets. It can also be used in airports, shopping malls, Metros, hotels, and factories where the flow of people is large, said DRDO officials.

The UV sanitiser can also be operated remotely through a laptop or a phone using a wifi link, the officials said. The disinfectant has six lamps each with 43 watts of UV-C power at 254nm wavelength for 360-degree illumination. The machine takes around 10 minutes to disinfect a 12×12 feet room and around 30 minutes to disinfect a 400 square feet area. It can be installed in different parts of the room to disinfect a larger area.

The sanitiser switches off automatically if somebody opens the door or if there is human intervention while it’s disinfecting the room.
Previously, DRDO had developed a contactless mist-based sanitiser, UV sanitation box, and a hand-held UV device that destroyed the genetic material of the COVID-19 and thus killing it.

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