Kangana chides protesters for destroying public property

By Bhavana  Published on  24 Dec 2019 10:10 AM GMT
Kangana chides protesters for destroying public property

Hyderabad: While her colleagues Swara Bhaskar, Farhan Akthar, Huma Qureshi, Parineeti Chopra and others are taking part in anti-CAA protests, actress Kangana Ranaut has something else to say about it.

At the launch of Panga movie trailer, she was asked to express her views on the protest and the actress said that people of the country should not instigate violence in the name of the democracy.

She said, “When you protest, the most important is that you don't turn violent. In our population, only around four percent people pay taxes, others are actually dependent on them. So, who gives you the right to burn buses, trains and to create ruckus in the country?”

The actress even slammed protestors for vandalising public property. She added “It's not correct for the people to instigate violence in the name of democracy. We still cling to the pre-Independence hangover. During those turbulent anti-colonial days, all of this was really cool. But today, because of democracy, your leaders have come from within you, not from Italy or Japan. One bus costs a lot. And the condition of this country is such that there are so many, who are dying of malnutrition.”

Not all netizens are happy with Kangana’s comments, which she made on a public platform. The actress, who courts controversy every other day, took the occasion to also speak about the pay disparity in Bollywood.

She said, “I have read articles where successful actresses have said that it is okay if actors get more money for a project. Some even say that an actress has a lesser shelf-life, whatever that denotes.”

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