Explained: How to report a cybercrime on AP Police online portal

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Aug 2020 9:12 AM GMT
Explained: How to report a cybercrime on AP Police online portal

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh police has decided to increase awareness among citizens against potential cybercrimes in a month-long drive in August. As part of it, the government has launched e-Rakshabandhan programme which has been conducting online seminars to improve awareness, especially among women.

The AP police has launched an official website where citizens can launch complaints against cybercrimes with a few clicks. This official portal caters to citizens falling victims to cybercrime, specially women and children.

Here is how you can file a complaint in case of a cyber fraud, as explained by Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department chief P.V. Sunil Kumar:

1. In the search bar of your browser, type 4s4u

2. Click on the first search result, 4s4u.appolice.gov.in

3. Once the page opens, scroll down and click on 'File Complaint'

4. Upon reading the brief, click on 'File Complaint' again

5. Choose the category of your complaint- Child Sexually Abusive Material/ Sexually Abusive Content/ Publication of Sexually Abusive Material/ others

6. Choose the district of the incident

7. Choose the social media site of incident- Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Twitter/ others.

8. Mention the date of the incident

9. Attach any pictures of the cybercrime, if available

10. Click on submit

Once the complaint has been filed, the police will be contacting you for further investigation.

You will also recieve a report ID. The website also gives you an option to track your report. For this, hover over the tab that says 'Report’ and click 'Track your report'.

In case of an emergency, contact the local police station.

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