Fact Check: Australian 'dwarf' Queden Bayles is nine years old!

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  25 Feb 2020 3:35 AM GMT
Fact Check: Australian dwarf Queden Bayles is nine years old!


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Hyderabad: The video of a nine-year-old schoolboy from Australia, Quaden Bayles, who suffers from a form of dwarfism called Achondroplasia, posted by his mother on the social media went viral. In that video, the boy was seen crying incessantly on being bullied in school.

The boy is seen pleading with his mother to give him a knife so that he can end his life. His mother Yarraka Bayles, posted this video on Facebook to raise awareness on the effects of bullying.

"This is what bullying does" Ms. Bayles said in the video, which was viewed more than 24 million times and created a huge sympathy wave for the child. Many celebrities got involved by not only condemning bullying but also raised substantial amounts for Quaden.

When this video became an overnight sensation, many social media users questioned the age of Quaden Bayles. Many claimed that his age was not nine but 18 years and he has been scamming the internet for money.

Along with the claim, posts included pictures of him posing like an adult wearing a T-shirt reading 'Gucci', besides a woman.

Fact Check:

In 2015, Quaden and his mother appeared in an interview on Australian Network Ten's "Studio Ten". In this interview, he was described as a four-year-old. The anchors and the mother are seen discussing a October 2014 viral clip of Quaden.

"Quaden Bayles is four years old, and this little boy from Brisbane is a powerhouse," the "Studio 10" host said. "He's inspiring an amazing campaign to raise awareness about dwarfism. He's already been through several bouts of surgery with plenty of support from celebrities."

This interview was posted in the YouTube channel of Studio 10, on April 12, 2015.

A website named Starnow.com, which allows individuals to create profiles to find acting roles and modelling assignments, hosts a page on the name of Quaden. This page says that he is an actor, extra, model and influencer. This site mentions that he is eight years old.


"Hi I'm Queden Bayles , I'm 8 years old and I'm one of only a few Aboriginal boys born with achondroplasia dwarfism," the bio on StarNow reads, though it's not clear when it was authored.

This page features many photographs of his childhood with his family and another YouTube video, Living Black, a 24-minute episode aired on Australian public Network, SBS.

It is a current-affairs show that airs on Australian network SBS and features stories about Australia's indigenous community. The episode, which was aired in 2015, followed Quaden and his mother as he was preparing for surgery on his brain and spine. In the video, Karla Grant, the show's host, describes Quaden as a four-year-old.

Here are some pictures of Queden Bayles posted by his mother on various social media platforms which prove that he is NOT 18 years old.

Therefore, the claim that Queden Bayles is an 18-year-old actor is FALSE. He is just a nine years boy and is NOT scamming everyone for money.

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