Fact Check: Himalaya Drug Company owner didn't say he is not loyal to India

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  10 April 2020 11:11 AM GMT
Fact Check: Himalaya Drug Company owner didnt say he is not loyal to India

Hyderabad: Despite a lockdown to stem the tide of rising Covid-19 cases, the nation has seen a rise in Covid-19 cases across the country. The cases have crossed the 5,000 mark with the recent spike in the past few days.

With nearly a third of the Covid positive cases linked to Tablighi Jamaat event in New Delhi, videos making false claims against the Muslim community have gained currency.

In this milieu, a 30-second video purportedly of the owner of Himalaya Drug Company, Mohd Manal is doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. He is heard saying in Hindi, "We are Muslims first, then Indians. In case of conflict with any law, we will be with Islam and not follow the constitution. We are not loyal to this country, we are masters of this country. Loyalty is for dogs, we are masters of this country."

The claim shared along with the video states, "Owner of Himalaya Drug Co...Mohd Manal-He says he is not loyal to India, but he is 'Malik' of India...!!

A logo "Satya Sanatan" can be seen on the right side of the video. A dialog box can also be seen on the right where we can see the exact words he is saying in Hindi.

The claim is also viral on WhatsApp.

Fact check:

The claim that the person in the video is Mohammed Manal, owner of The Himalaya Drug Company is false.

A careful examination of the video shows the name of the person Mavia Ali, ex-MLA, SP below the dialog box. This led us to search for the name Mavia Ali, ex-MLA, Samajwadi Party.

A search with the keywords, "We are Muslims first, Indians later, Mavia ali", throws up news articles and videos related to this incident of Mavia Ali, former Congress MLA, Deoband constituency, Uttar Pradesh.

These reports from August, 2017 state Samajwadi Party leader Maviya Ali has just added fuel to the already raging debate over Uttar Pradesh government's circular to video record the celebration of Independence Day in the madrasas. He stated that this notice regarding holding celebrations on August 15th is un-Islamic.

Ali has a controversial past and has many criminal cases registered against him. Details of the cases can be seen on the https://myneta.info website.

Reports on the issue across the media houses can be found:




A longer version of the video uploaded on 2nd November, 2017 can be found on Youtube .

In 2019, the same video shared with false claim that the person in the video is Congress leader Nasimuddin Siddiqui, was fact checked by India today.

According to the official website of Himalaya Drug Company, Mohammed Manal, its founder passed away in 1986. More details can be found here:

Himalaya Drug Company

Hence, the claim that the person in the video is Mohammed Manal, founder of Himalaya Company is false.

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