Hyderabad: Amid the ongoing debate over the alleged imposition of Hindi, activists, politicians and the public alike in Tamil Nadu have expressed their displeasure by resorting to T-shirt sloganeering.

Musician Yuvan Sankar Raja and actor Shirish Saravanan, hailing from Tamil Nadu, shared a photo of them wearing T-shirts with slogans "I am a Tamil pesum Indian (I am a Tamil speaking Indian) and Hindi theriyadhu poda (I don't know Hindi, go man)".

After this, social media was abuzz with photos of youth in T-shirts carrying anti-Hindi and pro-Tamil slogans.

Amidst this, a photograph of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being shared on social media. The photograph shows Canada PM, holding a T-shirt with a slogan "I Don't know Hindi". The text on the image says, "If there is a problem or a struggle, there will be plenty of photos or satirical recordings of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supporting Tamils. This photo is one of them."

It has been shared with a caption "Prime Minister with a sense of morality"

Archived link can be found here.

Fact Check:

The claim that Canada PM Justin Trudeau is holding a T-Shirt with "I Don't know Hindi" slogan is FALSE.

When we performed reverse image search, we found an image shared by Canada PM Justin Trudeau in May 2019 on his Twitter handle. In this image, Trudeau can be seen holding a T-shirt with a slogan "Vaccines cause adults" along with Canadian MP, Ginette Petitpas Taylor. He shared this image with a caption "Vaccines are safe and save lives. Love this shirt, thanks @GinettePT ! #VaccinesCauseAdults"

We can find more details about Ginette Taylor on the official website of House of Commons, Canada.

The T-shirt with the slogan "Hindi Teriyadhu Poda" is found on the website teeshirtpalace.com, the slogan from which has been added to the image shared by Canada PM claiming that he is holding 'Hindi Teriyadhu poda' T shirt in support of Tamil speaking people.

Hindi Teriyadhu T Shirt

The claim that Canada PM is holding a T-shirt "I don't know Hindi" is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Canadian PM holding a T-shirt slamming imposition of Hindi
Claimed By :  social media users
Fact Check :  False

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