Fact Check: Is this the new logo approved by Supreme Court for teachers?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  1 March 2020 4:48 AM GMT
Fact Check: Is this the new logo approved by Supreme Court for teachers?

Hyderabad: A picture of a logo is going viral in the social media including Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp, claiming that it is the new logo for teachers to put on their cards, like Doctors and Lawyers, and that Supreme court has approved this logo.

The logo has two palms curved with a book and pen in the centre – with the words "I want, I can, I will."

Several users shared this picture stating that "Congratulations to all teachers, find this new approved Logo for teachers like ant other logos of Doctors or Lawyers. Proudly you can stick this logo on your vehicles with a caption of a nation builder. Be proud to be a teacher as usual."

When performed reverse image search with the Keywords "Teachers logo for vehicles", we found that this claim has been shared several times online since 2017.

This has been shared even on Facebook.

Teacher Fb

Fact Check:

The official website of the Supreme Court does not host any directive mentioning this logo. So, this is NOT approved by the supreme court. We also found a fact check by PIB stating that this claim is FALSE, which PIB posted on its social media handles.

We also found a Facebook page named Teacher's logo, which has several pictures of teachers proudly presenting the logo on their vehicles.

This page is linked to a website http://www.ctsefoundation.com/p.8.teacher-logo.html which belongs to Commerce Talent Search Examination Foundation (Regd.)

Teacher Logo Newspaper Cutting

The logo was designed and released originally by Rajesh Khanna from Ludhiana, who worked as a teacher and Principal for several institutions. On his Facebook page, he describes himself as the founder of Teachers logo. The page has several newspaper clippings describing his design.

Teacher Logo Fb 2

Though the logo has been popular since the claim that the Supreme court has officially approved this logo is FALSE.

Claim Review:This the new logo approved by Supreme Court for teachers
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