Fact Check: Jana Sena party leaders are not going on a hunger strike

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  5 Nov 2019 8:29 AM GMT
Fact Check: Jana Sena party leaders are not going on a hunger strike

Hyderabad: Janasena party Leader, Pawan Kalyan conducted Long March in Visakhapatnam to raise awareness of the sand scarcity problems in Andhra Pradesh. Addressing the gathering at the Public Meeting held after a long march, Jana Sena chief mentioned that, his party is giving two weeks' notice to the government over the issue. Otherwise, the party would take up an agitation, including a march in the capital city of Amaravati.

Right after this announcement, a press note is being circulated in social media. Using the letterhead of the Jana Sena party, the press note states that Jana Sena party leaders pledge to go on fast onto death on November 17, 2019. It is stated that Pawan Kalyan will be available at the party office in Mangalagiri on November 16, 2019. It also asks other party leaders to launch fast in their respective headquarters, and also sought support from the public.

This press note has a digital signature of P. Hari prasad, Jana Sena media in Charge.

Fact Check:

This press note is in Telugu. On a detailed analysis of the note, Newsmeter has found some facts, that help in concluding the note is False. Generally, in the letters of Jena Sena or any official party press note, the names of the leaders and the events performed are mentioned as a third person. This also has been the protocol of Jana Sena.

For example, in the press note released on 18-04-18, the note mentions party chief as Shri. Pawan Kalyan garu and also we can see that though Hari Prasad himself has released the press note, his name also is taken as a third person.

The headline of the forged press note looks very long. In the first line, the letter states that decision to fast onto death has been taken but does not mentions who has taken the decision.

In the second line, it is directly mentioned that "I am going to do", this looks weird as the letter is not signed by Pawan Kalyan himself.

The third line mentions that party leader will be available in the party office, but does not mention the name though it is inferred that it is Pawan Kalyan, generally, in press notes, it is a protocol to mention the name.

Last line adds that karyakartas and Janasenanis should come forward to support the cause, wherein party karyakartas and Janasenani words exactly mean the same.

According to Tupaki English, Jana Sena party correspondents described the press note as fake news. The party said 'Some people are deliberately fabricating such statements to malign Pawan Kalyan and mislead the people. There is a big conspiracy behind such fake news.'


Truth: Jana sena rubbished off the press note as forged. And mentioned that any press notes released by the party will be officially on their twitter handle. The party leaders have also lodged complaint against the accused.

Fact Check: No. The letter mentioning that Jana sena party has not released a press note released a press note saying its leader is going on Fast onto death on November 17, 2019.

The claim is FALSE.

Claim Review:Jana Sena party leaders are going on a hunger strike
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