Many countries have kept public movement under lockdown from few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many public places like malls, parks, temples have been shut down for many days. Due to this reason, many are speculating that due to lack of proper maintenance, these places will be damaged by the time they are opened.

Amid this, a picture of an escalator filled with leaves and creepers grown out of it, is going viral on the social media. This image has been shared several times with Malay claims.

When translated, the claim stated "'Sunway Lagoon Escalator' A picture of a moving staircase filled with foliage and bushes after almost two months of idleness, has come to an abrupt conclusion: Water theme parks are safe and demonic."

It is also shared with claim 'escalator Sunway Lagoon'

Fact Check:

The above claim that the escalator in the viral claim belongs to Sunway lagoon in Malaysia is FALSE.

When performed reverse image search, we found that this image is in circulation since 2019. Many websites have shared this image with the caption 'When nature wins'

An article in yahoo, French edition shared this image with a prologue that says Global warming and climate change are already here and much of the blame lies with the human being with his practices that often threaten nature, but it is always capable of standing up and claiming what is its own.

These images serve as a reminder that with some time and without the action of man, any territory can return to its origins. Whether they are signs, bridges, cars, or houses, in the end, the green ends up covering everything.

When searched for Sunway Lagoon escalator, we found many videos showing that the amusement park has continuous escalators in the park, but the escalator in the viral image concludes very soon and roof can be seen.

In an article named 30 Astonishing Pictures Show That Nature Can Win The Battle Against Civilization published by, the website gave credits for every image. The credits for this viral image was given to espinas3. When clicked on this link, we found the Instagram account of the photographer who uploaded this image in May 2019 with caption Destined to be green… abandoned escalator.. Destined to be green"

This photographer espinas9 belongs to Nagasaki, Japan.

This image was also debunked by AFP Fact check and also Boomlive, according to their reports, this image belongs to Nagasaki Holland Village, an abandoned Dutch-themed amusement park in the Japanese city of Saikai in Nagasaki prefecture.

Hence, the above claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   this picture of escalator is from Malaysia
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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