Fact Check: Old anti-CAA protest in Kolkata passed off as anti- Modi wave in Bihar.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Oct 2020 5:52 AM GMT
Fact Check: Old anti-CAA protest in Kolkata passed off as anti- Modi wave in Bihar.

Hyderabad: Graffiti inscribed with "Go Back Modi" is being shared on social media in the backdrop of the upcoming Bihar assembly elections.

The giant graffiti is painted on a road. Users claim that this took place recently in Bihar.

Below is one such claim on Twitter.

Click here to view the archive and here for a similar claim on Facebook.

Fact Check:

In the viral image, a brown building can be seen with a billboard which reads: "METRO CHANNEL CONTROL POST, HARE STREET POLICE STATION".

With the help of Google Maps, we found that this building is the Metro channel control post under Hare Street police station in Kolkata's Esplanade area.


Newsmeter, then, performed a reverse image search and found that the same picture was shared by several social media handles in January 2020. Journalist Mayukh Ranjan Ghosh had also posted the image on his verified Twitter handle with the claim that it was from Kolkata's Esplanade area.

We also found an article by TIMES OF INDIA in Jan 2020 headlined, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves Kolkata, protesters shift venue". The report states that many university students protested against the Citizenship Bill at Esplanade's Metro Channel and painted several anti-government graffitis. The epicenter of protest against CAA and NRC shifted from Esplanade to Park Circus Minister when Narendra Modi took an aerial route to flew out of the Kolkata airport.

The viral image is neither recent nor is from Bihar. The graffiti is from CAA protests. The picture was taken in Kolkata. Evidently, the claim is false.

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