Hyderabad: A spectacular waterfall that looks like a bride in a white gown is going viral on social media. The waterfall is reportedly in Peru.

A Twitter user shared a video of the waterfall and wrote, "God is greater than any human artist! This is 'Waterfall of the bride" in Peru. It's beautiful as its name.. how amazing."

The video has also gone viral on Facebook. A Facebook user wrote, "Not a drawing, not a sculpture..but a natural waterfall created by nature Discovered in Peru .. named "Waterfall of the bride" is really beautiful as its name.. how amazing."

Archived links of the claims can be seen here and here.

Fact Check:

It is TRUE that the waterfall that looks like a bride is located in Peru. Called Catarata Velo de la Novia, the waterfall has become a favorite tourist attraction.

Catarata Velo de la Novia recently hit the spotlight after it went viral on Twitter, garnering more than 1.6 million views. Since then, it has become the new tourist jewel of Celendín and Cajamarca.

Its impressive fall of more than 50 meters high and its peculiar shape that resembles a bride makes this place unique and wonderful.

According to the wondermondo.com, the unusual shape of the waterfall was noticed in early 2018. "This is a highly unusual waterfall due to one more aspect – it comes out from a cave. Some 200 meters before the falls, the stream disappears below the ground and reappears only at the waterfall. The dissolved lime – travertine – forms a part of the details of the imaginary "dress"," it further said.

We also found several videos taken by Spanish tourists who had filmed their visit to the waterfall.

Here is the exact location of the waterfall on Google maps. We can see several photos and videos along with the street view.

Meanwhile, the video of the spectacular waterfall had been shared with claims that it is in Hong Kong while some had claimed it is in Romania. But AFP fact-check and Newsmobile.com had rubbished the claims.

Hence, it is TRUE that a waterfall in Peru looks like a bride in a white dress.

Claim Review :   waterfall of the bride is located in Peru
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  True

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