Fact Check: Video showing drone delivering goods in Lagos is 3D-generated

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  30 Sep 2020 12:38 PM GMT
Fact Check: Video showing drone delivering goods in Lagos is 3D-generated

Hyderabad: A video showing a drone delivering goods at the balcony of a person is in circulation on the social media. The video is being shared with caption "Drone delivery service in Lagos... What do you think?"

In the video, the drone can be seen delivering noodles in a box and then, producing a credit card swiping machine. After the transaction is done, it can be seen leaving.

It has been shared on several accounts on Twitter. Many were intrigued by the idea and wanted to believe if it was real.

Archived links can be found here, here and here.

Fact check

The claim that it is a real drone delivering goods in Lagos is FALSE.

When we extracted the key frames of the video using Invid tool and performed reverse image search, the results showed that this video was first posted by Uche Anisiuba, a co-founder of a Nigerian content production company, Quadron Studios.

His tweet was captioned as "So I ran out of Indomie yesterday, needed to make a quick restock, never knew we had a drone delivery service in Lagos. #visualeffects #redshift3d #nollywood #africarising #africatech #nigerian #3Danimation #motiondesign @IndomieNigeria @myaccessbank @AccelerateTV @burnaboy

After this clip was posted on Twitter, it went viral with people arguing about its authenticity. Uche Anisiuba, later tweeted before and after videos showing the special effects added.

In that video, we can clearly see that it was a special effects video.

Anisiuba explained in detail how he created the animation in the viral video on a YouTube channel named Artfrocentric.com, an online platform that showcases African digital arts.

Therefore, the claim that a drone is delivering noodles in Lagos, Nigeria, is FALSE. It is a digitally simulated video created by a Nigerian 3D artist Uche Anisiuba.

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