Fact Check: Video showing India's failed missile test is from Russia

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  17 July 2020 12:33 PM GMT
Fact Check: Video showing Indias failed missile test is from Russia

Hyderabad: A video reportedly showing India's failed missile test has been doing the rounds of the Internet.

It was shared by a Twitter user from Kathmandu, Nepal, with the handle @Irmaknepal on 15 July 2020 along with a tweet that read, "Indian missile test is failed. Can this type of Army fight against Nepal? (sic)"

The video was also uploaded on Pak Viral's YouTube channel claiming to show a failed Indian missile test.

Archived versions of the claims can be found here and here.

Fact Check:

The claims that the video shows a failed Indian missile test are FALSE.

A few comments on YouTube claimed that it was a Russian rocket crash. NewsMeter performed a reverse image search using keyframes extracted from the video on both Google and Yandex. The search on Yandex fetched several results showing similar images of a Russian Proton-M rocket explosion.

According to news reports, a Russian Proton-M rocket carrying three Glonass navigation satellites exploded soon after it took off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome. It was the second unsuccessful launch of a Proton-M carrier rocket with Russia's flagship Glonass positioning system on board in the past three years and was another setback for Moscow's Space programme.

The Proton-M can launch over 3-3.2 tonnes (6,600–7,100 lb) into geostationary orbit or 5.5 tonnes (12,000 lb) into a geostationary transfer orbit. It can place up to 22 tonnes (49,000 lb) in low earth orbit. The first Proton rocket was launched in 1965 and the launch system is still in use, which makes it one of the most successful heavy boosters in the history of spaceflight.



According to a report published by the website space.com, this was the fifth major Proton rocket launch failure since December 2010, with the most recent in December 2012, when a Proton booster launched a telecommunications satellite into the wrong orbit.

The same video had been published by a channel, Martin Vit, with the title "Proton M rocket explosion July 2 2013 slow motion". The video showed, in slow motion, the rocket crash and was published in May 2014.

Hence, an OLD VIDEO of a Russian rocket launch failure is being shared as a failed Indian missile launch.

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