Hyderabad: An image of a bald woman is viral on social media with the claim that she is Kyrzayda Rodriguez, an Instagram blogger, who passed away after a 10-month battle with cancer. The claim states that Kyrzayda Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic was diagnosed with stage four cancer in November 2019 and died after a 10-month battle with stomach cancer.

Below is a screenshot of one such post by a Facebook user.

Kyrzayda Rodriguez, a popular Instagram blogger from the Dominican Republic, has died after a 10-month battle with…

Posted by Michael Gregory on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Newsmeter searched online for pictures of Kyrzayda Rodriguez and found that the woman in the picture is not her. (see the picture below). Although the Instagram blogger indeed did die after a 10-month battle with stomach cancer, she isn’t the woman in the viral picture.

Many websites wrote about her battle with cancer and her journey with fashion. The blogger announced that she was ending her cancer treatment to live her days pain-free with friends and family. “What is supposed to happen will happen,” she wrote. “I am not mad. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with”.



Newsmeter found a video where Kyrzayda said, “I have a brand new car that can’t do anything for me, I have a mansion home that can’t do anything for me. I can take a plane any day of the week if I like, but that can’t do anything for me So do not let anyone make you feel bad for the things you don’t have – but the things you have, be happy with those Lastly, make sure you enjoy the ones you love.” These sentences were viral on social media with the wrong claims.

Using a reverse image search, we found that the woman in the viral image is Nicole Schweppe, a blogger and graphic designer from the United States. This picture was attached in a 2017 blog titled, “My Breast Cancer Journey, Part 2 – How I Prepared for Chemotherapy” by Nicole. Nicole found out she had cancer in March 2017 and blogged about her breast cancer journey.


Hence, it is clear that the claim is false as the woman in the picture is not Kyrzayda

Misha Rajani

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