Hyderabad: A video of a girl singing famous Bollywood song is going viral on the social media, especially on Facebook with the claim 'Kishore kumar's 14-year-old granddaughter Muthika Ganguly (daughter of Amit kumar) utterly charming. Carrying forward her grandfather's legacy'.

Kishore Kumar

According to the claims, the girl seen in the video is the granddaughter of Kishore Kumar, 'Muthika Ganguly' (daughter of Amit Kumar).

Fact check:

The claim that the girl seen in the viral video is the granddaughter of Kishore Kumar is FALSE.

When searched for the name 'Muthika Ganguly', we found that articles from 2015, when Kishore Kumar's son, Amit Kumar and Muktika released an album 'Baba mere'. Her name is Muktika Ganguly and NOT Muthika Ganguly as seen in the viral message.

We can see 10-year-old Muktika Ganguly in the video of the song, making her debut in singing. Kishore Kumar's sons -- Amit Kumar and Sumeet Kumar, introduced a music label Kumar Brothers Music (KBM), as a tribute to their late father.

Kishore Kumar's granddaughter Muktika Ganguly sang the title track of the six-song album Baba Mere. In the music video, you would see Muktika and Amit as well. The video shows how the 10-year-old girl meets her grandfather in her dreams.

We found several pictures of Muktika shared on the official Facebook page of Amit Kumar, son of Kishore Kumar.

When compared, there is a prominent difference between the girl seen in the viral video and Muktika Ganguly. So, the girl seen in the viral video is NOT Muktika Ganguly, granddaughter of Kishore Kumar.

When observed keenly, some users commented on the viral video stating that the girl seen is NOT granddaughter of Kishore Kumar, but Ananya Sabnis, a singer from Mumbai.

NewsMeter used this name as a keyword and searched for Ananya Sabnis on Google when we found several videos where we can see her singing famous songs.

A YouTube channel named 'About today' shared the same viral video with the title 'Ananya Sabnis - Deewana hua badal'.

NewsMeter also found a Facebook page of the singer, the about page of which states that she is a professional stage artist.

Hence, a Mumbai singer, Ananya Sabnis, is falsely claimed as Kishore Kumar's granddaughter Muktika Ganguly. The claim is therefore FALSE.

Claim Review :   Viral video claiming to be of Kishore Kumar granddaughter, Muktika Ganguly
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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