Fact Check: Videos of Hindu God pictures burnt during CAA protests is fake

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  3 Jan 2020 9:27 AM GMT
Fact Check: Videos of Hindu God pictures burnt during CAA protests is fake

Hyderabad: Even as the CAA protests are gaining nationwide steam, many messages with false claims are going viral on the internet. One such is a video showing a group of sloganeering people burning photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

BJP national spokesperson, Sambit Patra also shared the video with the caption "This video is shocking ...how can any protest have a right to defile the tenets of Hinduism ..who gives them the right to burn the pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses ..why should any protest be an Anti-Hindu protest?? Is this is what the Congress & Communists promote?? #Shame"

Another user shared the video stating "Pics of Hindu Gods were burnt in an anti CAA protest. Even after govt explaining clearly abt CAA, a section going ahead w/ inciting activities. I repeat, all these protests behind CAA are nothing other than blind hatred towards Hinduism. And their real issue is Ayodhya verdict."

Another user even claims that in an event in Bengaluru people were burning photos of Hindu Gods and pledging in the name of Dr BR Ambedkar that they'll not worship any Hindu gods as they were all fakes. You can clearly see people are tearing and stamping posters of gods.

The video was shared even on Facebook also.

Facebook Video Fact Check

Fact Check:

When we searched using Keywords "Activists disrespect Hindu Gods" on Facebook, it fetched a result dating back to September 2018. A YouTube link titled 'Bhim army activists disrespect Hindu Gods'. This video was uploaded on a YouTube channel called 'In Hindi Analysis' on September 3, 2018.

A detailed search also fetches a video posted on Facebook in August 2018, titled "Young Ambedkarites burning portraits of Hindu Gods in Ashokpuram MYSORE* to protest against Sanghis who burned copies of the Constitution".

Hence, even though the miscreants burning Hindu God posters are true, the video is over a year old and it shows BHIM army activists protesting. This claim that the video was taken during anti-CAA protests is FALSE.

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