Fact Check: Is this video part of AAP's propaganda for upcoming elections?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  6 Feb 2020 5:10 AM GMT
Fact Check: Is this video part of AAPs propaganda for upcoming elections?

Hyderabad: A video of a disabled person getting up from his wheelchair and walking away after receiving a blanket is being circulated in social media as part of AAP's propaganda. The video clip was posted on Twitter with a tweet that read: "AAP propaganda video. Blankets were distributed to disabled persons. It looks like the director forgot to say "cut" and the person starts 'Walking' away from his wheelchair. Magic blanket indeed!! is this True? Then AAP is dangerous party. (sic)"

The video, with captions in both Hindi and English, has gone viral on both Twitter and Facebook.


Fact Check:

NewsMeter first checked the banners that can be seen in the background. It clearly read 'Digital Saksharata Samsthan NGO'. We did a Google search using keywords Digital Saksharata Samsthan NGO and found the NGO's Twitter account. The blanket distribution programme was conducted by the NGO and NOT the AAP party as is being claimed.

On 19 January 2020, the NGO had organised an event to distribute blankets to disabled people in Seohara, a city in Bijnor district, Uttar Pradesh. NewsMeter also found some local newspaper articles about the event and the NGO had also uploaded videos of the event in its Twitter account.

NewsMeter also found Saksharata Samsthan's Facebook page.

The NGO shared a video published by a local news channel Abhi Tak, which claims that the person walking off after receiving the blanket holds a disability card that shows he is 40 per cent disabled. His unique disability card was also shared online.

Unique Disability Card

Hence, the claim that AAP is distributing blankets as part of propaganda for the upcoming elections is FALSE. This event was conducted by an NGO and the person walking off after receiving the blanket holds a Unique disability ID showing he is 40 per cent disabled.

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