Father and son arrested for involvement in death of 14-month-old boy

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Aug 2019 5:40 AM GMT
Father and son arrested for involvement in death of 14-month-old boy

Hyderabad: In a first, a father and his minor son were booked by Hyderabad Police under the ‘Culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ section for killing a 14-month-old in a road accident.

Bowenpally police booked one Hasan for allowing his minor son to drive the car sans license, resulting in the death of an infant besides critically injuring 3 others from the same family.

The facts of the case are Ms Chiru Kuri Sandhya, a resident of KPHB along with her twin children, Madhav and Maha Dev, both 14–months–old, and her mother Nagamani were on their way to a relative’s house. They boarded an auto-rickshaw driven by one Korra Raju. Enroute to Yapral, travelling via Diary farm road at about 3 PM on Sunday, the auto was hit by a speeding car approaching from the opposite direction. A minor (Son of Hasan) was behind the wheel.

The FIR states, “The minor driving a Maruthi S Cross bearing No. TS 09EN 1987 was speeding from Indira Nagar towards Diary farm road. Due to negligence, the driver who was in the opposite direction of the auto, rammed into it, besides hitting two other adjacent vehicles. This resulted in a head injury to 14-month-old Madhav who subsequently succumbed, while Sandhya, Maha Dev and grandmother Nagamani continue to lie in a critical condition.

Bowenapally Inspector Mr Chandrasheakar explained, “The driver was a 16-year-old without a valid license. His father Hasan knowing the rules had given his car to his minor son and due to his negligence a family has lost their son”.

He further adds, "A case under death by negligence 304 (ii) Voluntary causing hurt - 324, 326, 109 of the Indian Penal code has been booked besides 180, 181 and 184 of the motor vehicle act. This is the first time we have booked a case under culpable homicide not amounting to murder”.

The father and the son were remanded a day after the incident while the surviving victims remain critical.

In 2016, a similar tragedy struck a family who lost loved ones from 3 generations in an alleged drunk driving accident at Punjagutta.10-year-old P. Ramya who was killed in a road accident by alleged drunk drivers is still a fresh memory.

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