New Delhi: Multiple fines are levied on the vehicle riders when they caught red-handed as the Motor Vehicle (amended) act 2019 came into force from 1st September in several states in the country.

Mohammed Mustakil, an auto driver of Gurgram jumped a red signal on Tuesday. He was fined Rs.32,500. when traffic police caught him and asked for all the relevant documents. Mustakhil said he kept them at home. Mustakil requested the traffic police to give him ten minutes so that he could produce the documents. But the police brushed away his request and asked to pay the fine. They suggested him to move to court with a good lawyer, after paying the fine.

Another truck driver was fined Rs.59,000 for multiple traffic offences for not having a license, Registration Certificate, third party insurance, for violating air pollution standards, disobey traffic signal, etc., A two-wheeler rider was levied Rs.23,000 fine in Delhi on Wednesday. Delhi police booked 3900 cases on 1st September.

Interestingly Telugu States Andhra and Telangana are yet to implement the act. State government officials said that they are yet to notify the fine amounts.

Durga Ramesh

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