First in India : Facial recognition for Kompally municipal polls in Telangana

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 Jan 2020 12:08 PM GMT
First in India : Facial recognition for Kompally municipal polls in Telangana

Hyderabad: Telangana State Election Commission has decided to use the controversial facial recognition system to identify the voters during the municipal polls in Telangana. On pilot and experimental basis it will be first used in Kompally municipality in Hyderabad.

Municipal polls are scheduled on January 22. Election officials at the polling booths are provided with tabs and mobile phones with a facial recognition software and app. The State Election Commission has already got photos of the voters in the database, and the same is linked to the facial recognition system. TSEC says it is aimed at eliminating bogus voters who cast votes of others.

facial recognition 10 polling stations in Kompally

Kompally Municipal commissioner and Assistant District Election Authority Ms MN R Jyothi told media, "Telangana State Election Commission has decided to launch the facial recognition system on January 22 during the Kompally municipal elections,"

She added, "Recently two days ago the Telangana State Election Commissioner Nagireddy announced this in a video conference with the officials. We have conducted a test case studies in Kompally the facial recognition system worked, "

She said,"It will be implemented in 10 polling stations out of 36 polling stations in Kompally municipality. Facial recognition system will identify the name and details of the voters after the device reads the face of the voters standing in the queue. There is an application created for this. We will be given access to the application on the day of elections, and the same will be used,"

The municipal commissioner added, "If any voter couldn't be identified using the facial recognition we will use the traditional method through the polling agents and other methods. No genuine voter will be denied their voting right,"

The facial recognition system is already being used by Hyderabad police to identify the criminals and wanted to be accused. Hyderabad police are the first in the country to use facial recognition software.

In Rajiv Gandhi International Airport run by GMR facial recognition system has been introduced.

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