Fisherman finds 'Devil Fish' in his net at Suryapet

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  17 Dec 2019 8:30 AM GMT
Fisherman finds Devil Fish in his net at Suryapet

Hyderabad: A Fisherman identified as Antayya caught a couple of 'Devil fishes' in his fishing net at the Musi project in Anajipuram at the Penpahad Mandal in Suryapet village.

The black coloured fish also had long wings and a tail. The district fisheries department officer Soujanya told that these fishes are very rare. She added that these fishes feed on smaller fishes as their food.

The Alien fish belongs to the genus Pterygoplichthys and has an ability to damage fishing nets as it has sharp fins with spines.

The Pterygoplichthys also alters the ecological balance in water bodies in Telangana apart from hitting farmers and affecting their livelihood. The devilfish can even survive out of the water and can also move on land and find it's way to the nearest water source.

The Alien fish was first seen in 2015 at Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada.

The Alien fish is also not for human consumption as it has thorns and no flesh. With the population of the fish declining over the past few years, they are seen very rarely.

The fish has also been dubbed as "Rakshasi" (devil) by fishermen in the Telugu states.

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