The BJP seems to be targeting Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The official twitter handle of BJP Andhra Pradesh has targeted Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy regarding his tour during the floods in the state. They have also targeted the Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu.

The BJP has tweeted, “The State is suffering from floods, but the Chief Minister has escaped to the United States of America. The Ex Chief Minister has left his house and escaped to Hyderabad. But the Governor has taken the responsibility of Chief Minister and doing the best job.”

Meanwhile, BJP State President Kanna Lakshmi Narayana tweeted, “Despite looking at the needs of the people during the floods, the Chief Minister has gone to America. The person, who filled the state with debts has escaped to Hyderabad as his house is now filled with Krishna water. They both have to notice that the state is struggling with the attitude of both parties.”

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6 comments on "Flood hits Andhra, CM Jagan camping in US: BJP"

  • Hats off for the new TDP theory on floods!!!

    TDP leaders met the state’s new Governor and lodged a complaint against the government. One of the issues is new theory on floods “saying that several dozens of villages were marooned only due to government’s attempt to see that Chandrababu’s bungalow was marooned in flood waters”

    Minute by minute, media have been highlighted the water release from Almatti dam, Narayanpur dam, Jurala dam, Srisailam dam, Nagarjunasagar dam, Pulichintala dam and Prakash Barrage. They not only presented the quantity of inflows and out flows but also water in dams. Almost all these followed the same practice without harming the dam’s safety in Karnataka, Telangana & AP. Projects built to use surplus water flows will be allowed to get water only after the allocated water levels are reached in the projects. Is it not so?

    In 2009 floods, Kurnool and Raghavendra Swamy mutt submerged causing huge loss of property and human tragedy. If the government agencies would have taken timely action or followed the norms on releasing of water from Srisailam dam to Nagarjunasagar dam, which was nearly empty [misused the water as the projects to use surplus water were not built by TDP government], this tragedy would have been averted.

    Now, TDP leaders have been questioning why the present government did not follow this, – a big foolish idea! –, so that Chandrababu’s residence should have been protected from flood fury??? Under this disguise they are blaming the government for submergence of villages with the release of flood water. Since the building of Prakasham Barrage, those people knew the risk and as a result huge sums of money have been wasted for rehabilitation.

    When the government started releasing flood water, Chandrababu silently moved to Hyderabad to negotiate with people to protect his sinking party. After floods receding Chandrababu planned to tour flood affected villages. At the same time TDP leaders are questioning the veracity of Chief Minister going to USA. Poor integrity questioning, is it not so!

    TDP leaders also complained against Drones flying near Chandrababu’s illegally built rented house. Already TDP leaders invented new theories saying that they may bomb his house, etc., etc. In fact, when Chandababu was CM, one NRI approached Babu with a project “interpretation of satellite images” – some argued that satellite data is available to any body then what is the problem in accepting the project by Babu? –. ISRO from Bengaluru & NRSA from Hyderabad rejected the proposal. Then Babu asked the Central Government. Some individuals brought to the notice of the Prime Minister’s office the danger involved in such project, particularly related to defense installations. Finally the concerned minister rejected the proposal and Babu closed the project.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Kanna Laxminarayan, a high class turn coat, talks on floods. What did he do during 2009 floods that devastated Kurnool and Raghavendraswamy temple town. The water overflowed the Srisailam dam. What did Kanna Laxminarayana do, when TDP did not touch irrigation projects in AP prior to Jalayagnam of Dr. YSR. TDP did not even touch the projects to use surplus water [when available]. Kanna Laxminarayana day in day out talk but he never say a word what he done in his political life time?

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Uranium pollution iwith the Kadapa mining project:
    Now TDP leaders are making statements on the Kadapa uranium pollution and its effects on water resources and agriculture. What were they doing during 2014-19? Was it not causing pollution? Why they did not stop the mining? At that time they were part of NDA government. Instead of playing political game, do something to help AP farmers.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Why Chandrababu, BJP ministers, etc are worried on PPAs re-assessment? This is not a new concept, particularly with Chandrababu’s actions on power. In fact his government assessed agriculture power use component as for 9 hours. The reality was presented by productive council, a government body, as 4 and half hours only. That means around 50% money has changed hands [prior 2004]. Chandrababu made agreements with private groups for gas based power plants. A his government could not provide gas to operate the plants, they became white elephants to government. After Dr. YSR took over as CM he corrected this and saved thousands of crores of wasteful expenditure on those plants sitting idle. Everybody knows the fact with solar power plants, with the improved technologies the cost of power plant will come down and thus the cost of power. Yet Chandrababu made agreement for more than 20 years, though he has given power for 5 years and also the agreements were made before his term ending. This clearly shows the malpractices involved. Yet people sit in TV channel discussions and defend furosisly such malpractices and TV channels encouraging them to divert peoples attention on such frauds.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Now, again AP/BJP leaders are making hue and cry on Polavaram project. They have no patience to wait until the courts delivering judgments on the two cases filed by the private persons recently. Both these relate to actions by Chandarababu as CM.
    The Polavaram Project is “allocated water based” and not “surplus water based” is contemplated as Multi-purpose project. Based on this the tribunal fixed the height at 150 ft. If the height is reduced the allocated water goes as waste and thus creates problems during low water availability years. Here we must remember one fact: the CWC proposed 50 lakh cusecs is a fictitious value as the CWC method presents overestimates by around 25% to that of Bachawat Tribunal value of 38.2 lakh cusecs. With this action of CWC, the project was delayed and the cost has gone up from around Rs. 10,000 crores to Rs. 16,000 crores with same 150 feet height of the Dam. With 50 lakh cusecs of flood water, whether there is a dam or not, it submerges the Badrachalam Temple.
    In 2004, Dr. YSR under Jalayagnam initiated Polavaram and got clearances and completed 1st phase rehabilitation [R & R package] and Right & left canals excavations. There was lot of opposition from NGOs, political groups, etc. as people used to get thousands of crores through illegal activities [mining, smuggling of animal parts, wood, Ganja, etc. – tourism boats played major role in this]. Also, some come up with barrages. Dr. YSR government crossed all these hurdles and went ahead. Finally, when the project was supposed to be sent to Cabinet meet to get National Status for the project, CWC & MoEF played political game. Yet the project was cleared on March 2009 for AIBP [90% of the cost will be paid by the Centre].
    After Dr. YSR death, under the changed plan, contractors were changed. Chandrababu did not bother for two years and changed the contractor. We have seen now the disaster at the project site with floods as his government did not bother to clear the R & R – raised the cost.
    The project and revised project were cleared by Central Water Commission (CWC). Also, cleared for building karakattas [embankments] to avoid submergence and R & R – Dr. YSR allocated Rs. 600 crores for this. However, three states filed cases in the courts to create hurdles in the completion of the project. This is not a legal issue but it is a technical issue. Bachawat Tribunal gave CWC all powers to resolve technical issues. Why CWC has not intervened on this vital issue? On the contrary BJP leaders and Polavaram Authority are playing game after game. Polavaram Authority [part of CWC] should have got cleared all the past pending legal issues for smooth completion of the project but on the contrary they also joined the TDP-BJP Bandwagon to create hurdles to new government of AP. At least now they should do something positive to clear hurdles to the project.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Sand versus construction labour versus Pawan Kalyan

    Pawan Kalyan dancing on the dais claims that he joined politics to save India. That means he wanted to save India from the clutches of BJP bad rule? He was a part of BJP in 2014 elections. A fellow who has no respect for women says that he wanted to save India. He talks of construction labourers, what about film industry daily earners, which is controlled by his wide family”? Sri Reddy made serious comments on film feternity, what did you do on that? You claimed your earnings are from films and not donations from TDP supremo!!!

    Many a times we have seen artists those depends upon daily wages protesting on providing employment – some are deploying outsiders. In the case of construction activity some builders have been hiring cheap labour from outside. Have you done something on that? To save water bodies, suggestions were made to use alternates for sand that includes rock sand. Have you done anything in this direction? Why you did not question the builders? Did you question Chandrababu on NGT fining Rs. 100 crores on sand issue? Why BJP, CPI, CPM, etc. did not join the movement on sand? That means, everybody wants exploit the situation to get political mileage on wrong footing and false propaganda using their print and electronic media.

    Delhi is facing severe pollution. To control pollution, Delhi government put restrictions on construction activity [declared holiday on buildings construction activity] including brick manufacturing. How many construction labourers or brick manufacturers committed suicides for non-availability of work in construction & related areas in Delhi? Declaration of holiday in construction activity in India is not unusual, due to several localised reasons. In all these cases construction labourers’ committed suicides!!! Due to drought, have the agriculture labourers’ committed suicides or migrated to other areas for earnings? In agriculture labourers’ family & construction labourers in urban areas where most of the construction activity taking place have other alternate employment by family members. So, they don’t commit suicide.

    In Hyderabad, you can go around the city and see construction labourers’ “addas” and in some areas filming labourers “addas”. Everyday all those who come to “addas” may not get work and go back to home. Paradox is family member work as domestic servants. Has anybody seen construction labour or agriculture labourers’ who did not get work committing suicides? Opposition party shows the list and ask for money – a cheap tactics. Politicians must stop such foolish acts.

    Andhra Jyothi daily news paper presented a “bullock cart” going in to Tungabhadra River in Kurnool and fetching sand. This shows how desperate the opposition is looking for ways and means to defame the ruling party and negate morale of party workers. How much percentage of construction activity grinded halt – 20% or 30% & all those labourers engage in construction activity are from AP?

    Political parties must stop such hypocrisy and help in solving the issue if any!!!

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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