Following heavy rains, there has been a heavy discharge of flood water from the Prakasam barrage, which in turn has been affecting as many as 90 villages in Krishna and Godavari districts. The villages that are on Krishna river basin have been severely affected by water upstream. As a precautionary measure, the people of these flood-hit villages have been sent to relief camps. About 56 relief and 55 medical camps have been set up in the two districts, officials said. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams are working day and night to provide assistance to the locals. Currently, 180 members from NDRF are working in the two districts.
Meanwhile, the ministers and local MLAs are touring the flood-hit areas and assessing the situation. State ministers Anil Kumar Yadav, Kodali Nani, V Srinivas, Perni Nani visited these flood-hit areas and instructed the officials to take necessary steps in order to avoid human and cattle loss. As Chief Minister Y S Jagan is on a tour to the USA, the ministers plunge into action to control the situation.
Friction continues
The friction between the ruling party and Opposition in Andhra Pradesh doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. The floods that are causing havoc in Krishna and Guntur districts are being used for the political mileage by both the parties.
Ever since the Jagan party came into the power, it has been trying to corner the Telugu Desam Party. By dismantling Praja Vedika, YSRCP scored a point over the Opposition. In the heat of the moment, the government decided to clean the Krishna river embankment from illegal constructions. It has sent notices to the owners who built houses on the river bank. The Jagan government is trying prove that the rented residence of Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu is also an illegal construction. The floods of Krishna have become a shot in the arm to the ruling party, as Chandrababu’s house is surrounded by water. Telugu Desam tried to use the drone controversy to deviate the issue and kicked a row. But it failed to attract the sympathy of the people of AP, the political analysts observed.

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One comment on "Floods play havoc for people of Krishna, Godavari districts"

  • Hats off for the new TDP theory on floods!!!

    TDP leaders met the state’s new Governor and lodged a complaint against the government. One of the issues is new theory on floods “saying that several dozens of villages were marooned only due to government’s attempt to see that Chandrababu’s bungalow was marooned in flood waters”

    Minute by minute, media have been highlighted the water release from Almatti dam, Narayanpur dam, Jurala dam, Srisailam dam, Nagarjunasagar dam, Pulichintala dam and Prakash Barrage. They not only presented the quantity of inflows and out flows but also water in dams. Almost all these followed the same practice without harming the dam’s safety in Karnataka, Telangana & AP. Projects built to use surplus water flows will be allowed to get water only after the allocated water levels are reached in the projects. Is it not so?

    In 2009 floods, Kurnool and Raghavendra Swamy mutt submerged causing huge loss of property and human tragedy. If the government agencies would have taken timely action or followed the norms on releasing of water from Srisailam dam to Nagarjunasagar dam, which was nearly empty [misused the water as the projects to use surplus water were not built by TDP government], this tragedy would have been averted.

    Now, TDP leaders have been questioning why the present government did not follow this, – a big foolish idea! –, so that Chandrababu’s residence should have been protected from flood fury??? Under this disguise they are blaming the government for submergence of villages with the release of flood water. Since the building of Prakasham Barrage, those people knew the risk and as a result huge sums of money have been wasted for rehabilitation.

    When the government started releasing flood water, Chandrababu silently moved to Hyderabad to negotiate with people to protect his sinking party. After floods receding Chandrababu planned to tour flood affected villages. At the same time TDP leaders are questioning the veracity of Chief Minister going to USA. Poor integrity questioning, is it not so!

    TDP leaders also complained against Drones flying near Chandrababu’s illegally built rented house. Already TDP leaders invented new theories saying that they may bomb his house, etc., etc. In fact, when Chandababu was CM, one NRI approached Babu with a project “interpretation of satellite images” – some argued that satellite data is available to any body then what is the problem in accepting the project by Babu? –. ISRO from Bengaluru & NRSA from Hyderabad rejected the proposal. Then Babu asked the Central Government. Some individuals brought to the notice of the Prime Minister’s office the danger involved in such project, particularly related to defense installations. Finally the concerned minister rejected the proposal and Babu closed the project.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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