Forget virus, cameras are making life miserable for COVID patients in Hyd

By Dheeshma Puzhakkal  Published on  30 April 2020 2:47 PM GMT
Forget virus, cameras are making life miserable for COVID patients in Hyd

Hyderabad: A family under quarantine has alleged that a neighbor has installed security cameras to keep an eye on them at CE Colony of Bagh Amberpet in Hyderabad.

The 65-year-old Markaz- returned man was tested positive for Covid-19 on April 7. Though the man was discharged from Gandhi Hospital, three of his family members including an infant were tested positive.

What has complicated the problem is that the close neighbor has mounted surveillance camera on his house and pointed its lens at them

“The camera was installed more than three months back. But for the last 15 days, its lens has been pointed at our house. They are adjusting the camera angle day and night,” said a member of COVID infected family.

The family alleged that the neighbor is using CCTV footage to harass them. “We are four families staying together in this house. Currently, eight including two women and a kid are putting up in this house. We do not have attached bathrooms. We need to use the washroom on the veranda. Armed with CCTV footage, he is alleging that we are violating the quarantine rules,” he said.

Forget virus, cameras are making life miserable for COVID patients in Hyd

Hell broke loose a few days ago when he complained that the family was violating the quarantine despite their first tests coming back negative.

“That day, it was like everyone had lost humanity. A medical team came home and forcibly took us to the hospital for a second test. We felt like criminals. We had heard that the next test will be done after 14 days. Had they intimated us, we would have voluntarily gone for tests,” said the family member.

For eight days after the first quarantine, the family survived with whatever was left in the house. “Later GHMV volunteers provided us with the essentials. They took us for quarantine for the second time. I spoke to sub inspector of Amberpet on April 14, but he refused to register a complaint,” alleged a female family member.

Amberpet police sub-inspector B Lingam however told NewsMeter that they have not received any complaint from the family. “I know they are in quarantine. Since it's a private camera, appropriate action will be taken based on the complaint,” he said.

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