Fought for Telangana but received no job, Man immolates self at Nampally

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Sep 2020 8:54 AM GMT
Fought for Telangana but received no job, Man immolates self at Nampally

Hyderabad: A man immolated himself near the busy Ravindra Bharati junction in Hyderabad on Thursday. As flames engulfed him, he raised slogans shouting “ KCR Sir, Jai Telangana.” Passersby and police doused the flames and rescued him. He was immediately rushed to Osmania hospital. It was learnt that he suffered around 40 per cent burns. The man has been later identified as Ramulu from Maisigandi of Kadthal in Rangareddy district.

Police are trying to find more details about the man and the motive behind taking the extreme step.

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According to the police, the man arrived at the junction near Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium, carrying petrol in a container. Even as the vehicles moved, he doused himself in petrol and lit the matchstick.

As the spot was very close to the Telangana State DGP office, the security personnel deployed there and the traffic personnel deployed at the junction and a few passersby rushed to his rescue. Even as they doused the fire, he continued raising slogans shouting “KCR Sir, Jai Telangana.”.

Even after the fire was put off, he continued raising slogans. He also told the passersby that his life did not change even after a separate state was formed. “Telangana vachina makemi kaledu” (We did not get anything even after the new state was formed).

Without wasting any time, the police put him in an auto rickshaw and rushed him to Osmania hospital. In a video recorded at the hospital, the man was heard saying that he fought in the struggle for separate state in 1969, even as he was a child and also took part in the struggle till the state was formed in 2014.

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