Free last rites service for COVID patients to be launched in Hyd commissionerate

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 July 2020 1:50 PM GMT
Free last rites service for COVID patients to be launched in Hyd commissionerate

Hyderabad: Feed the Needy, a charitable organisation based in Hyderabad, will be launching another last rites service on Monday, 27th July for people residing in the Hyderabad jurisdiction of Telangana State Police.

A small organisation comprising of 10 people, Feed the Needy launched its last rites service in Cyberabad jurisdiction on 4th July. The service was launched free-of-cost, especially after a lot of citizens complained that they were being charged an enormous sum from their pocket to transport their deceased family members.

The service being launched tomorrow will be available for both COVID and Non-COVID patients and will be transporting the bodies of the deceased to crematoriums free of cost.

"Since we started operations in Cyberabad, we had been getting a lot of calls from the Hyderabad jurisdiction as well," added Mr Srinivas of Feed the Needy.

He further added that after a discussion with, and under the guidance of Hyderabad Commissioner Anjani Kumar IPS, they decided to launch the service for citizens in the Hyderabad jurisdiction.

Their team has, in a period of 20 plus days, provided the service to 8 deceased patients (6 COVID and 2 non-COVID). They have even performed last rites for a few.

The ambulance that has been made available for the Hyderabad jurisdiction was sponsored by Silicon Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar, IPS, will be inaugrating the launch.

The last rites service will be operating every day from 8 am to 6 pm, and can be contacted on 7995404040.

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