Fuel prices across Telangana fall: Petrol by 87 paisa, diesel by Rs 1

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Oct 2019 10:53 AM GMT
Fuel prices across Telangana fall: Petrol by 87 paisa, diesel by Rs 1

Hyderabad: Fuel prices across Telangana see a dip, Petrol per liter falls by 87 paise while Diesel by Rs 1. The steady fall in petrol and diesel prices is a result of a steady reduction in global crude oil. In days to come, the prices are likely to dip by a rupees, say detailers in Telangana.

On the 30th of September, Petrol cost Rs 78. 93 from a steady price observed in the last 8 days, the price per liter fell to Rs 78.07 . While diesel which cost Rs 73.22 per liter, dropped to Rs 72. 68, a difference of Rs 1.

This has come as a major relief as prices across all metro cities were registering a steep high following the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Major cities like Mumbai and Delhi have also registered a decrease in the cost. Mr. G. Vinay – General Secretary TS petroleum dealers, said, “ Petrol and Diesel prices were on the rise across India.

However, they have seen a dip but vary from state to state, because of the different Value-added Tax. Currently, the TS government has set the slab at 33 per cent, lesser than AP. Fuel is cheaper in Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka when compared to TS because the VAT per cent is less. Prices of Diesel and Petrol are likely to decrease by another rupee.”

The rise and fall in Indian petroleum prices depend on the cost of crude oil in global markets. Meanwhile, the crude oil has made registered its most significant drop since July this year. Indian cities have been witnessing a fall in prices over the last five days.

Fuel details in Telangana state that the cost of Petrol and Diesel is likely to come down by another Rs 1 from the current price.

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