Gandhi Hospital Isolation ward full with 50 corona suspects in past 24 hours

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 March 2020 11:57 AM GMT
Gandhi Hospital Isolation ward full with 50 corona suspects in past 24 hours

Hyderabad: In the wake of one person being tested positive for coronavirus in the state of Telangana, the Corona Isolation ward in the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad has become full. The state registered its first case on Monday and the samples of two other cases suspected to have Coronavirus have been sent to NIV, Pune for testing. One of them is a direct contact of the first COVID-19 positive case.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Dr. P Sravan Kumar, Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital said, "It's a floating population. Everyday we get new cases of corona suspects. At a time, Gandhi's isolation ward can accommodate up to 50 people. Till now, we have been able to handle the situation. If the number increases, then we won't be able to accommodate."

A total of 50 people suspected of Coronavirus have come to Gandhi Hospital for the check-up as the hospital authorities are witnessing a queue outside the Hospital's isolation ward. Due to this, the patients admitted for other diseases and their family members are also facing trouble.

Amidst this, the government of Telangana has been in talks of having a separate Hospital for patients suspected and positive for Coronavirus at a place far away from the city. A total of 47 people have undergone tests for Coronavirus on Tuesday and out of which 45 people have been tested negative, said Health Minister Eatala Rajender.

Meanwhile, the total number of positive cases in Coronavirus has come up to 28 out of which, 12 of them are Indians.

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