'Ganesh Pendant' helped family, cops identify vet doctor's charred body

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Nov 2019 4:45 PM GMT
Ganesh Pendant helped family, cops identify vet doctors charred body

Hyderabad: What made the day different to milk vendor S Satyam from Chatanpally village was that he would not usually see something burning while passing underneath the Shadnagar culvert. On Thursday morning, he witnessed something burning but assumed that it could be a bonfire since those are common in winters. Not thinking much about it, he headed to the fields where he milks cows every morning.

On his return, while passing through the same culvert, Satyam found the fire doused, but a charred hand in a raised position, similar to finding a person drowning. To his shock, he found a burnt body, and he alerted the Shadnagar police officials, who subsequently informed the surrounding stations.

Shamshabad cops, on receiving the input, informed Dr Disha's (name changed) family who had registered a missing person complaint a day earlier. The veterinarian’s parents, along with her younger sister, arrived at the culvert. Since the body was charred, it was difficult for the cops to identify her. However, a ‘Ganesh pennant’ helped the police and family to identify Disha.

According to her family, she left her bike at a ‘non-parking’ area near Tondupally toll plaza and took a private cab to Gachibowli for skin treatment. On her return, around 9.30 pm on November 27, she found her bike punctured.

Disha had called her younger sister to inform that a few strangers had approached to help her. On hearing this, her sister advised Disha to leave the bike and take a cab. Disha replied that she would call her back. However, ten minutes later, Disha phone was mysteriously switched off. The next day, her charred body was found 30 km away from the last seen spot. Her sister noted that her sister mentioned that the strangers gave her scooter to a teen and sent him to get it repaired. However, the teen came back, saying that the shops were closed.

Cyberabad Commissioner VC Sajjanar told NewsMeter, “The ten teams are talking to multiple people including the workers at the toll plaza. The clothes found at the open plot belong to Disha.”

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