Hyderabad: The officials of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation imposed heavy fines against Big Bazar, Kachiguda, for illegal banners and posters. Meanwhile, INOX theatre in Kachiguda has also been fined Rs. 1.22 lakh for illegal advertisements.

The officials of the GHMC's Central Enforcement wing slapped a fine of Rs. 1 lakh against Big Bazar for using flashy lights and non-static illumination. Besides this, separate hefty fines amounting to Rs. 5.02 lakh was also imposed for unauthorised advertisement measuring 15 feet, and banners and cut-outs.

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The enforcement agency was acting upon a complaint filed by activist Vijay Gopal who had informed the team via social media and provided supporting evidence.

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The officials have been reiterating that any kind of advertisement/display (mounted or painted), use of flashy lights exceeding 15 feet of the building’s frontage will invite a penalty. Also, any moving, rotating, variable messages, advertising devices, and buildings operating without a structural stability certificate is an offense under the GHMC Act, the GHMC has said.

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